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Adobe and Omniture

December 27th 2009 | Jens C Brynildsen




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Adobe and Omniture

Adobe's acquisition of Omniture puzzled many in the Flash community. Omniture CEO Josh James appearance at the Adobe MAX conference made several community members question if this deal was right for Adobe. Why would Adobe enter the business of tracking and analytics? In this xmas interview, we've talked to Adobe officials to get some answers to the questions we and others in the community had.

Initial speculation were along the lines that Adobe wanted Omniture's portfolio of Wall Street clients, but it seemed unlikely. With Adobe's latest move into Services, the launch of and other online software, it seems more likely that Adobe are positioning themselves for a future where selling software is not their only income. Omniture's core business also competes with other services that target the Flash platform so the deal will affect other companies offering analytics for Adobe's platform. We wanted to know how the deal will affect Flash developers and what areas of integration we can expect first.

Q: Adobe recently bought Omniture, a company focused on measuring the use of the content you create. Why is Adobe now expanding into this market?
A: The best place to glean these details are from the public FAQ, here:

Q: Omniture has a solid customer base in certain markets. Was this an important factor in the decision?
A: Omniture’s solid customer base is important, however, Adobe has a much larger installed base of customers that includes companies of all sizes, individual content developers as well as digital agencies. As a result, we expect Omniture solutions will be able to penetrate more markets, faster, as a part of Adobe.

Q: What are the strengths of the Omniture platform over competing tools?
A: Omniture’s platform is more advanced, open and extensive than competitors’ solutions. Omniture is the leading online analytics provider with a significant market share among the paid analytics providers, built on the foundation of the industry standard in online analytics - Omniture SiteCatalyst. Omniture then introduced the industry’s first integrated Online Marketing Suite, which builds upon the foundation of analytics with a suite of solutions that take the data captured by SiteCatalyst and optimize customer interactions (that is, makes them more relevant, personalized and where possible, automated). Additionally, the Omniture Online Marketing Suite is built on an open business analytics platform, so that customers can leverage their existing investments and relationships and create a truly best-of-breed, customized solution. There are more than 200 online marketing technology vendors who partner with Omniture to integrate their own products into the Omniture Online Marketing Suite. There are also more than 500 agency partners who use or recommend Omniture solutions on behalf of their clients.

Q: Many developers that have experience integrating the Omniture solution have asked "Why Omniture"?
A: Overall, we are looking to deliver greater ROI to publishers, advertisers, designers and developers by integrating with the Flash Platform, integrating with the Creative Suite tools, and integrating the Omniture solutions into Adobe’s multi-screen strategy, to name a few. Omniture has been a strong Adobe partner for years. Adobe's content creation expertise and runtime ubiquity will help Omniture customers better understand how their investments are paying off. Customers are always looking for ways to more effectively measure Flash, mobile and video content. Together, Adobe and Omniture will make it easier for customers to do this, and as a result, customers will deliver richer and more relevant experiences, content, and applications — ultimately realizing improved ROI on all their Web and digital media investments.

Q: Omniture have a somewhat poor reputation among developers. Isn't it dangerous for Adobe to buy a tool that already has a negative reputation with the ones that will integrate it?
A: One of the key goals when you integrate two companies, as we’re doing here, is to combine the best of each to create something that’s more than the sum of the parts. We’ll be taking Adobe’s traditional strengths in creating great tools and platforms, and applying that expertise to what Omniture does, and infusing Omniture’s key strengths with Adobe tools and platforms. The goal is to enable developers and designers to make their content more measurable and more optimal in a way that is intrinsic to the development process.

Q: How will the acquisition benefit Flash and Flex developers?
A: There are a number of ways. First, at a fundamental level, we’ll make analytics and optimization elements of the Flash Platform. This means that we will continually look for ways to make analytics and optimization easier in the tools, from a coding perspective, and to make it more effective through the runtimes and frameworks. This is similar to other capabilities we’ve integrated into the Flash Platform, such as video; and currently the Flash Platform delivers more than 75% of video on the web. By making analytics a part of the Flash Platform as a core concept, our work will make it easier and more natural for developers to access.

The integration of Adobe and Omniture also allows us to better understand what’s needed from the underlying technology and to solve some really hard problems that developers have around optimization. This is especially critical as applications and content become more interactive, and video becomes more pervasive and users expect it to run in the browser, on the desktop or on other types of devices.

But of course we hope that the biggest benefit for Flash and Flex developers is that by making analytics and optimization first class citizens in the tools and platform that it allows them to get more value from what they produce.

Q: What Adobe tools are likely to get Omniture integration first?
A: Our integration of Omniture is going well, and customers are excited about our vision to deliver a more complete customer workflow, spanning content creation, delivery, and optimization. We are leveraging the strength of Adobe's brand and global infrastructure to expand opportunities for Omniture solutions and the integration of Omniture technology into CS5 is on the way.

Q: The Omniture tools appear to have quite a bit of overlap with Adobe's new Distribution Services. Is there any relation here and will it be in the future?
A: The Flash Platform Service for Distribution provides developers and designers free and paid methods for getting application distribution on social, desktop and mobile platforms. It also provides tracking with a rich set of traditional and social analytics. The Omniture suite of products offers a comprehensive marketing optimization platform, that provides deep data processing and can extend what customers are doing with the Distribution service. In the future, we expect where there are synergies and ways to for Flash Platform services to work Omniture solutions, they will.

Q: Will the Omniture deal make Adobe focus less on integrating similar solutions such as Google Analytics?
A: Both Adobe and Omniture have a long history of building and promoting open platforms. Our investment in integrations and R&D is prioritized based on our customers’ feedback and requirements.  We have developed plans to integrate Adobe’s content authoring tools and the Omniture Online Marketing Suite to complete the loop from content creation through optimization. We partner with Google on several fronts and will continue to work with them on integration opportunities that are meaningful to our customers.


Q: Omniture CEO Josh James recently said in a MediaPost News interview that "One of the goals for Omniture has been to reach $1 billion in revenue as fast as we can". Is monetary growth the new measure within Adobe or will the focus stay on the tools?
A: As the quote you lifted from Josh states, revenue growth is only "one of the goals". Our focus, as always, is to ensure the success of our customers.

These replies are compiled by the Adobe communications team with input from various people working across teams, as the companies have just been working together for a few weeks.

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Posted by polyGeek on 12/28 at 12:50 AM

It would be nice to see someone at Adobe put together a video tutorial on this. I’d like to get an overview as to how to implement in code and then what it will do for me on the backend. I’m using Google Analytics to track user visits at and I love it. They’re going to have to offer something pretty compelling to get me to switch.

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