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Awesome FF2K!

Final day of FF2K in NYC: huge portions of Flash 5 was revealed by Branden Hall, Yugo P showed off amazing stuff and Joshua Davis rocked the audience.

Joshua Davis ( held an amazing performance for a crowd of more than 1700 people at the Hammerstein Ballroom. His presentation on Chaos Theory, Nature and Interactive design really swept people off their chairs.

Yugo Nakamura ( came all the way from Japan and his presentation got standing ovations (multiple times!). The audience felt like a magician was standing on the stage. He told that his site would be taken down during August for a rebuild.

At the same time, Branden Hall of Fig Leaf software went deep into the new actionscripting of Flash 5. We are really exited to bring you an audio-interview with Branden within a couple of days, where he totally flows over about Flash 5!

Once again, we can only congratulate Lynda Weinman and Stewart McBride with yet another successful FlashForward 2000! Stand by for more...

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