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FlashForward 2000 NYC

FlashForward 2000 NYC

The NYC FlashForward conference is approaching fast. Stewart McBride and Lynda are working hard at getting all the details in place. We've been talking to Stewart to find out what will be different from the San Fransisco FF2K and why you should go there.

FM: What will be new in New York vs. San Fransisco?
SM: We have more space, but the crowd will be about the same size. I think we'll have in exess of 2000 people, but it could be a lot more. The big difference about New York (NY) is that we have expanded the program. In San Fransisco (SF) we had two simulataneous programs, in NY we'll actually have four rooms. We've rented a 1906 Opera-house in mid-town. It's called The Hammerstein Ballroom, and it's now used for rock'n'roll venues. It's a wonderful place.

FM: How many can attend there?
SM: It takes 2400 people on the first 3 floors of the opera house. and on the 7th theres a wonderful old theatre for 1200 people. Right next door is The New Yorker Hotel and they got a ballroom that holds 600 people and another that can hold 300. The idea is that in the opera-house, the grand ballroom upstairs and the big ballroom in the hotel, we'll have three tracks of content running, so the number of presentations is going to increase by 50%. I'd guess that about 80% of the 65 presenters are new from SF.

FM: What about the fourth room?
SM: That's one of the requests from the feedback-forms. People wanted more questions and answers, a chance to get together and talk about the sessions. There always seemed to be a spillover of questions in the hallway. So what we've done is that we have reserved a fourth room where people can go after a session to continue the discussion. I think it's actually 12 different session that you can follow up.

FM: You have added a intermediate program?
SM: We discovered in SF that the flash-community attending was much more sophisticated than we had anticipated. In SF we had sessions on scripting the first day, and then we went into a two day conference. What we're doing in NY is a full three day conference.

FM: How many is registered yet?
SM: I'd say that we've sold about half of the tickets and we have moved the early registration-deadline to 30th of june. If you register by THEN you get a $200 discount off the ordinary $995.

FM: Got any surprises for us?
SM: There's some sort of surprises that we cannot announce... We have on the first day the keynotes from Macromedia and Adobe [ed.: expect something here...] and then we have the Flash Film Festival. It's an entirely new festival. All nominations are new, the voting process is goint to be new, some of the categories have changed...

FM: yes, you've added a 3D-category?SM: yes. and we got gaming as a new category and we also have an activism category for people that are using Flash technology to do good in the world. we're now in the nominating process and we're going through thousands of nominations right now. The judges will then, as in SF, narrow this to ten categories with five in each and the voting will begin on July the 1st.

Following the Flash Film Festival on the 24th, Macromedia is doing a great party. It'll be on a nightclub in NY and the following night, on the 25th, Adobe is doing a party at another nightclub. It's going to be a lot of fun.

FM: Is there anything new on FlashForward in Europe?
SM: What I can say is that we're shooting for FlashForward in Europe in November...

So... Get there! It's great to hang out with others in the Flash-scene, but it's also the best place to get contacts and new customers! J:-)

Visit the FF2K-site to check the full programs.
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