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Winter Conference Update

Winter Conference Update

It's been a while since the last conference update and for no reason - there's plenty of events to attend if you want to learn more and get inspired! How about Tokyo, Amsterdam or Oslo this winter? Or Cologne or Toronto in the spring?

Let's start off by telling those that still haven't heard - due to poor ticket sales, FOTB Miami is cancelled. Everyone who bought tickets is being given a 100% refund, plus some special perks. FOTB Brighton will of course go as planned the 20th to 23rd September.

MAX 2008 Japan - Connect. Discover. Inspire.
Jan 29 -30

In just a few days, the Adobe MAX circus lands in Tokyo. If you follow Adobe employees on Twitter or other channels, you've probably noticed that they are all headed to Japan to attend MAX Japan. In terms of numbers, this event is smaller than the North American one, but it's not just a rehash. There's plenty of sessions delivered by locals in addition to the Adobe Evangelists and other international speakers. Note - the event site is in Japanese with no English option.

More info:


Orange County Flex Camp
January 31st

This UG organized conference has an solid set of speakers for a local event, with Flex gurus Adam Flater, Juan Sanchez, Tom Gonzales, Adobe's Kevin Hoyt and several more for 10 sessions in total. Sponsors such as Adobe, Ribbit, Universal Mind, Effective UI and Boeing isn't shabby either and the organizers are AsFusion and 360Conferences. Priced at only $25, this is an event you should not miss. You won't get more knowledge for your money on any other US conference!

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Flex Camp Oslo - The first Norwegain Flex event!
Feb 2

The first Norwegian Flex event premieres with almost a full day of sessions covering subjects such as Flex, AIR, Functional testing, Realtime 3D, Adobe Catalyst and PHP. Mihai Corlan from Adobe will deliver the keynote and Peter Andreas Mølgaard will come from Denmark to talk about the new Adobe Catalyst. The event is put on by Flash User Group Norway and is co-organized with PHP Norway. This event is also modestly priced at NOK 100 (appr $15).

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FITC Amsterdam - Design. Technology. Cool Shit.
Feb 22 - 24

We really enjoyed last years FITC Amsterdam, but unfortunately we couldn't go this year. It shapes up to be a great conference and Pablo at has started doing pre-conference interviews! First out is Ralph Hauwert, the brains behind the upcoming Flash 10 version of Papervision3D, dubbed PV X. Ralph will do a full day Pre-Festival Workshop on Papervision3D as well as two sessions.

The list of speakers is long and full of goodies and so much is covered that it's hard to cover it briefly. From GMUNKs inspirational 3D and video stuff to technical sessions on AIR and Flex. From Flash Lite optimization to Flash Video. From Project management to iPhone, it should be easy to find good sessions at this event. One session not to miss is Jim Corbett's session on Flash Player Internals. This session is very good and at the end there's usually a Q&A where you can get most any question about the player answered. Realtime 3D is also covered well, with 3 sessions by the Papervision3D team and one by Rob Bateman from Away3D. The list goes on so click here to see the full list of sessions. The event keynote will be given by Adobe's Lee Brimelow, Mike Chambers and Serge Jespers.

The parties at FITC in Amsterdam are (almost) legendary by now due to last years Plash5 performance, "invigorated" by free alcohol and company branded joints from a certain US streaming provider... We don't know if something similar will happen again, but we'd love to go there.

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FITC Toronto - The Design & Technology Festival
April 25 - 28

Presenters such as David Carson, Matt Lambert and John Resig really shows that the original FITC isn't only about Flash any more, but many favorites return this time as well such as Colin Moock, Phillip Kerman, Grant Skinner and the FlashGoddess herself Ann-Marie Cheung. You won't find these at many of the other conferences! The list of speakers contains more than 70 in total and Adobe is represented by Lee Brimelow and the Flash IDE Product manager Richard Galvan.

If you go to Toronto - don't miss James Paterson's session! He had us all in awe at FOTB Brighton but unfortunatly he didn't have any time time left when he got to his more recent stuff. Maybe he'll show this in Canada? I'd be at this session for sure!

More info:


FFK09 - Community. Code. Creativity.
April 28 - 29

The german FlashForum conference is the biggest community event we know of and it's really good! Based around and it's more than 85.000+ members, this is THE event in Germany. The location will be the Komed, right in the centre of the Mediapark in Cologne with lots of nice cafes and restaurants in the area. Flashmagazine will cover this event as we did in 2007 when we had a blast in Cologne.

As always, most of the sessions will be in German with local favorites such as Andre Michelle, Joa Ebert, Saban Unlu, Sven Claar and Mario Klingemann. There's also interational speakers and Nicolas Cannasse (MTASC, HAXE) will deliver a brand new presentation entitled "What is SWF?" Coming from him, that is sure to be a great session for anyone interested in the inner workings of the "Swiff files". The entire program isn't entirely complete yet, but the rest of the sessions and speakers will be added shortly. We'll get back to FFK09 when this is ready.

The conference has a solid workshop-side to it as well with five workshops the day before the conference (April 27th) as well as five more the day after the conference (April 30th). I should probably plug my own workshop in Cologne - a full-day of Away3D goodness. Want to get into Flash 3D? This workshop should be a great way to get started. I'll also present a session on Flash 3D in general at this event titled "Real time 3D on the web - a toy or a useful tool?". Wish me luck!

More info:

And there's more...
Also coming up - 360Flex in both Miami (March 6), Indianapolis (May 18-20) and even a first iPhone dev event in March. If only Tom and John could clean up the mess the 360Flex site is, it'd be possible to bring more info about the event without spending hours the Wordpress archives :)

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Posted by marc.thiele on 01/28 at 09:44 AM

Nice article. Thanks for including FFK09. Looking forward to meet you. Jens, are other ppl from the Flashmagzine crew joining? I mean: When do they have the chance to see you taking again? ;)


Posted by Jens C Brynildsen on 01/28 at 11:06 AM

Hehe… At the Oslo FlexCamp maybe? ;-)


Posted by marc.thiele on 01/28 at 11:59 AM

Naaah… that would be too easy. Cologne is the place to be 8)

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