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Adobe + Metastream = true

During their keynote at FlashForward 2000, Adobe revealed a strategic alliance and a *new* product.

John Warnock revealed to the many FlashForward 2000 attendees that they have recently aquired the 3D program Canoma from Metacreations. Metastream will now become an integral part of Adobes web technologies.

During the keynote they also focused heavily on the SVG format (scalable Vector Graphics) and showed the crowd an impressive demo of a ticket-ordering system that earlier was only possible with Flash and Generator. This really made it clear to many that SVG is not too far away, even though the final specs for it are not expected until this summer. Adobe has already a SVG plugin in public beta. With browser Plug-ins for Netscape 4.x and MS Internet Explorer 5. As well as a plugin that displays SVG in any Active-X container, such as MS Word.
Adobe's SVG-page


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