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AIR for Linux on Adobe Labs

AIR for Linux on Adobe Labs

True cross platform applications are soon a reality. Yesterday, Adobe sent out several Linux-related announcements. AIR for Linux is out on Labs, a new alpha of Flex Builder 3 for Linux was published and Adobe joined the Linux Foundation.

This is all just alpha versions, but it shows Adobe's commitment to the Linux platform and it also makes it possible to really think cross platform. Companies specializing in application development for both the web and desktop can soon choose freely between Windows, OS X and Linux as a development platform and they can probably mix'n'match without any obstacles. Just imagine hiring developers and allowing them to use the OS they prefer. That alone will be a nice productivity booster and we're sure Adobe is making a wise decision by putting some effort into moving not just the runtimes but also the authoring environment onto the Linux platform. While small in numbers, it's a popular platform with developers and it gives the freedom of choice.


The AIR alpha for Linux is a pre-release version, so expect a decent number of bugs. If you have created AIR apps, be sure to test them all and report the bugs to Adobe. The update to the alpha version of Adobe Flex Builder 3 for Linux is also available on the Adobe Labs site. Both are available as a free download, but the Linux version of Flex Builder is expected to follow the same pricing as the Windows and Mac versions ($99/$299/$699). According to the press release, "Adobe joined the Linux Foundation to accelerate the growth of RIA technologies on the Linux platform". Let's hope they contribute even more than the business push that this seems?


"RIAs in the browser and desktop are an increasingly core part of today's computing experience and the Linux community plays a big part in innovating the future of RIAs,” commented Randy Linnell, business development manager at Canonical, commercial sponsor of Ubuntu. "We're pleased Linux is a priority for Adobe and are delighted to work with them on ensuring Adobe AIR and Adobe Flex Builder 3 are available to our developer community. We're pleased that Adobe is supporting and open sourcing technology involved in RIA development, which we feel will accelerate innovation.”


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