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Away3D Lite 1.0 released

Away3D Lite 1.0 released

The Away3D team just released a brand new 3D engine that is very compact in file size (only 25Kb), is blazing fast and still fully featured. The new engine pushes the new capabilities in Flash Player 10 to the fullest and is up to 10 times faster than existing Open Source 3D engines for Flash!

If you've followed the Away3D code repository lately, you'll have noticed a flurry of activity as well as a full reorganization. The engine now has two main branches; Away3D and Away3D Lite. Away3D is the old and very featured engine that has become popular with many developers due to it's solid documentation and implementation. Away3D Lite is a brand new 3D engine, written from ground up for Flash Player 10.

Away3D Lite is a little less than 25Kb in download and the speed is just amazing! On my MacBook Pro, I can show animated globes with more than 25000 faces at 30 frames per second. This serious ups the former limits for 3D in Flash. For more complex models that require precise depth sorting, the polygon limit is reduced but it's still a lot higher than anything else.

The engine is fully featured in terms of features so it has the basic primitives, cameras, materials, loads prebuilt models, clipping, interactivity and animation that you know from the full version of the Away3D engine. There's also some AS3 templates that will get you started quickly. The selection of materials is quite basic for now, but you can expect advanced shaded materials (utilizing Pixel Bender for extra speed) very soon.

Last week also saw the release of new Vector capabilities in the main Away3D engine that allows any vector object (illustrations or text) to follow 3D paths for some quite fancy effects.

Rumor says there's even more goodness in the pipe...


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