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blazePDF Version 2 released

blazePDF Version 2 released

Looking for a simple way to add PDF support to your Flash Application? Greg Wygonik's blazePDF can is a Flash Component that can save both static and user generated content to PDF.

Want to add PDF export to your RIA? The blazePDF component is a component for Flash 8 that enables a developer to create PDF drawings at run-time using both built-in drawing API commands as well as an additional set of drawing functions. The component outputs a PDF to a variable that the developer can choose to save as they see fit.

The new version has an extensive feature set and should make it easy to add PDF export to web projects. The blazePDF forum has simple tutorials to get you started and Greg has also created a couple helper applications. Adobe's new Apollo Runtime will add some form of PDF support but only for applications, not web-apps. Apollo is also not set for release yet and it will take some time for the audience to trust this new kind of applications, whereas blazePDF can solve PDF output today. Version 2 has a slightly different pricing structure as well. The plugin is now $40 and there is no free version as it was with the former version.


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