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Creative Suite 4 Live Launch Event

September 23rd 2008 | Jens C Brynildsen



Creative Suite 4 Live Launch Event

If you as us never received the URL to the CS4 Launch Event, click here to access the broadcast. This entry will be updated during the launch so you can catch up on what was being broadcast.

If you missed out on the live broadcast, view it on

11:00 - Fancy intro zooms across screen

11:02 - Adobe CEO Shantanu Narayen takes stage and talks about how new technology and public demands changes the demands to CS4. The backdrop is the new packaging design for CS4.

11:08 - Talks about Flash Player 10 and why it's so important to Adobe. 800-million non PC devices ship with Flash. Amazing how Adobe no longer just talks about Designers, but also programmers and developers. CS4 will be available in more languages than ever before. Introduces Johnny L (SVP Adobe Systems) to talk more about CS4.

11:10 - plays "humorous" video showing Johnny L promoting CS4 to random people on the street.

11:14 - What is CS4? Johnny L talks about the new challenges creating the next gen of content and how workflows have changed. CS4 consists of 13 products (Photoshop, Illustrator), 14 technologies (Bridge), 7 services, 6 product bundles, 19 languages, shipping to 178 countries worldwide. More than thousand beta testers participated.

11:18 - Time Savers: Increased poductivity dramatically. Integration: only had a half cycle to do integration. This is the first full development cycle and have seriously increased interapplication workflow. Innovation: Not just a dot-update, it's a major overhaul of CS3. Many hundred new features.




11:21 - Video: CS4 early beta user Ben Grossman up on stage. Talks about how CS4 enhances his workflow producing video (using Red5 cameras). Showcasing short movie where all fottage has been transcribed to text. Sweet! Shows the new search functionality in Premiere/After Effects. Allows to search for anything such as named fiters, settings and more.

11:30 - Imaging. Video starts to act up at this point, audio is fine but video stutters. Presents Tim Barber from Odopod, showcasing example from Nike Skateboarding with boarder Daniel Shimizu in FireWorks. FireWorks can now export as PDF and how this can save time(?). Shows sync between FireWorkes and Flash, taking the illustration from FireWorks and animating it using the new Bones / Kinetics features in Flash. Really liking the new animation model. Shows how easy it is to stretch animation and add 3D effects. Complex changes take minutes rather than hours and animations like this can now be handled by designers again (no need to involve programmers)

11: 38 - Talks about AIR and how this is a new channel for them. Shows the same animation of Daniel playing chromeless on the desktop.

11:40 - Dreamweaver: Doug Winnie, Group Product Manager for Dreamweaver up on stage. Shows related files feature, the related styles (FireBug ripoff), the new Liveview that uses Webkit to view a page "for real". This view also offers related styles and realtime debugging. Strong AJAX support, new capabilities as HTML tables for those that are not up to date on XML (do these really exist any more?)

11:45: Design and cross media: Going from print to web / interactive. Introducing Tim and Yvonne from Curiosity Group in Portland, Oregon. Tim shows a project named Picklebird that starts off in Illustrator. Shows new blob brush. Yvonne takes the illustration into InDesign. Shows updated version of PreFlight
 and shows export the SWF. Talks a lot about how she isn't comfortable with Flash and how she can edit the text exported from InDesign. I guess this is "big" for print shops, but I can't really see how this is going to make good experiences? Just imagine the amount of print content that will be dumped out and called a website?




11:53 Photoshop CS4: Shows off zooming on a 442 Megapixel image (2Gb +!), flipping and raotating it in realtime! Great performance enhancements! Next up, shows a panorama wrapped around a sphere = a panorama viewer. While in 3D view, you can place 2D images and it wraps out perfectly on the spherical texture. Shows the new content aware scaling that has been demo'ed many times before, based on technology they bought some time ago. Last demo is also using this feature, making an impossible parking possible. John Nack has more detail.




Johnny L wraps up the show, pointing to all the new resources out on the Adobe TV site. Lot's of more detailed looks at each product there.

At the end I tried clicking the 700kb stream to see if I could get a better picture from the event. That failed miserably and started to play the intro again before it jumped to a slide saying "Thank you for attending"... Oh well. This was an interesting show, but boy was this brief? Just a short glimpse of Flash CS4. Kind of tells you where Adobe makes their money, don't it?


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