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Do you remember Samorost?

Do you remember Samorost?

The Samorost minigame amazed the entire Flash scene when it launched many years back. The unique visuals and fun puzzles made it an instant hit for the makers Amanita Design. Now they're hard at work on a brand new game called Machinarium that looks absolutely stunning!

The trailer for the game has actually been published for a couple months, but Aaron Simpson at Cold Hard Flash just brought it to our attention. Machinarium will be a full scale puzzle/adventure game with a new, but just as unique and visually appealing design. On the Machinarium website, you can see the new trailer, but we recommend going straight to Vimeo to see the High Definition version. The website also features a short look at some of the game art and we totally love the style!

"Machinarium is a strange rusty, metallic place populated only by robots. The story is about a little robot who has been unjustly thrown out to the scrap yard behind the city. In the game he returns to the town where he meets the bad guys from Black Cap Brotherhood — they are just preparing a bomb attack on the central tower where the town ruler has residence in. Of course our hero must stop them and also rescue his friend robot-girl."

We're really looking forward to this one, but while you wait - why not play Samorost 1 and Samorost 2? Visit the main Amanita Design site to play other games created by the Czech independent game development studio.


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