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Dreamweaver, Fireworks and Soundbooth CS4

Dreamweaver, Fireworks and Soundbooth CS4

Today, Adobe put out more beta software for you to test on their Labs site. We have not tried the new Dreamweaver yet, but maybe the new Live View feature can make us use FireBug less?

We've not been too happy with the latest releases, but Dreamweaver CS4 looks promising. The most important feature is probably Live View, that uses WebKit to show  changes in realtime, not just the incorrect preview that have forced us to use the Web Developer Tools in Firefox in combination with FireBug to do our CSS the last years. These free extensions are easier to use and more accurate than the CSS tools in CS3. Among the really good new features you'll find code hinting for Javascript frameworks (jQuery, Prototype and Adobe's Spry), support for Photoshop Smart Objects, Related files and Subversion integration.

The HTML data sets feature is nice to have, but this is old news for jQuery users and nothing we'd tout as a "new feature". While it may be an addition to the feature list, it just enforces the impression that Dreamweaver is lagging behind. Allowing new users to trial the beta for just 2 (!) days is also not worth talking about. Ahmet Gyger has worked with the new version for about a month and his conclusion is "if you didn’t make the move to DW CS3 du to the lack of improvement you will be happy with DW CS4!". Community MX just posted their review as well.

Fireworks and Soundbooth also look promising. Fireworks gains CSS export abilities, PDF export, improvements to the Live Style rendering, Adobe Text engine support and AIR authoring capabilities. Nice for quick mockup. SoundBooth gets multitrack support, mp3 compression preview and other workflow improvements. All the three apps now use the new version of the Adobe user interface, that will be used in Flash CS4 as well.


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