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Feature length film in Flash?

Feature length film in Flash?

You've heard of animations done using Flash, but a Feature length film? That's what Tyler Gibb has done single handed! Minushi is the result of four years labor of love - created in Flash and even financed using Flash.

Flash has been used for many things over the years - games, websites, video and advanced applications, but at it's core it is an animation program. It all started with animated shorts and gags and some even created long lasting animation series online. Minushi takes this one step further, a whole film created using Flash and created by just one single man.

"In search of a missing brother, two orphans set off across a war zone filled with trigger-happy soldiers, merciless bandits and giant robots." Minushi is full of action, has a solid story and beautiful animation but why use Flash for such an ambitious project?

imageIt was nearly four years of 9 to 5 work Tyler says, The reason I used Flash was quite simply because it's what I knew. Since 1998 I've been producing online flash content - funny shorts and interactive time-wasters. If you've ever seen the "Stress Relief Aquarium", that was me. Most of these old flash pieces as well as some newer ones are available through my site: - I apologize in advance for the ads.

But its the ads at are the reason I was able to feed myself for the four years that it took to complete "Minushi." In 2003 I was a little tired of the short form animation I'd been working with and decided to try a feature length screenplay. After I'd written "Minushi," using Flash to produce it seemed like a natural step... I just didn't think it would take as long as it did!

By producing a steady stream of shorts and small games, Tyler was able to spend his time making Minushi a Feature length (94 minutes) film. The movie is also available online as 19 episodes, complete with a Production (b)log and a nice Making Minushi section detailing the process of making the movie. The production of the film just ended and he is now working on the distribution of the feature film. I've had to hold back on releasing the full set of 19 chapters online until everything has been settled on that side of things. says Taylor.

Minushi was recently selected to be shown at the FanTasia Film Festival. Minushi is a true work of love for Tyler Gibb and it certainly shows if you look at the movie trailer.

A key mystery in the world of Minushi, Khal's medallion.


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