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FITC Toronto coming up

FITC Toronto coming up

It's now just 10 days left until FITC Toronto kicks off. Workshops and The Works are already sold out, but for the main event there's a few tickets left. If you're going and haven't bought your ticket yet, we have a trick that can give you a 20% discount.

The slogan for this years event should prove enticing both hackers and designers - "Break IT! Break your tools. Break your patterns. Break the norm. Break the standards.". The event is looking like it'll be great and we regret we can't cover it this year. Evan Roth, co-founder of Graffiti Research Lab (GRL), kicks-off FITC Toronto with a free talk and screening at Pixel Gallery in Kensington Market on April 19th starting at 6 PM.


This is the 7th year for the four-day festival, which also includes a kick-ass Awards show, a speakers’ series devoted to experimental art and programming, a large scale interactive art exhibit, and some very cool parties. The speakers are a good mix of local talent, canadian classics, americans and some excotic europeans thrown in. Apart from some headliners, only a few of the speakers presented on the recent FITC Amsterdam event. Rumor has it that this will also be the last chance to catch a glimpse of Geoff Stearns mullet. If you've never heard about FDT 3.0, drop by booth #3 of the Hilton Toronto to get a demo as well. The PowerFlash team is a sponsor for FITC and FDT is a tool worthy of attention for serious actionscript developers.


To get the 20% discount, just enter the promo code FLASHMAG44 when you buy the ticket from the FITC online store at


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