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Flash 6 for devices at MXDU

February 20th 2003 | Jens C Brynildsen



Flash 6 for devices at MXDU

In his keynote at MXDU (MX Down Under), Macromedia Inc's Senior Product Evangelist Ben Forta showed the crowd a Nokia 7650 playing back Flash video.

At the website for the book Flash: The Future, Ian Chia today reports from the MXDU conference in Sydney, Australia. To be honest, we cannot be certain that this video demo was done using the Flash 6 Player, but video was shown so it would make a good guess that the upcoming player will support video, even for devices. The Nokia 7650 also has a built in cam, but Ben did not show any FlashCom stuff using the cam.

This makes a nice addition to the devices that can play back Flash files. The 7650 is smaller and sexier than the rather clunky 9210 Communicator and shows Macromedias commitment to make all devices with enough speed Flash enabled.
Read more at Flash: The Future


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