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Flash Player 10.2 almost ready for the masses

Flash Player 10.2 almost ready for the masses

This week the second Release Candidate of Flash Player 10.2 was published on Adobe Labs. Now it's time for you to test it on all your precious content to make sure there's no bugs before the release goes public.

With every release of the Flash Player, Adobe depends on designers and developers to make sure that every kind of content created plays back exactly like it should. The history for this is really good, with only very minor bugs getting into the release versions. The 10.2 version contains several very important updates such as hardware video playback and hardware acceleration for IE 9. As soon as you start to add hardware rendering, you also add the potential to cause real havoc if things don't work properly. This means that testing is more important than ever, so make sure you test all the machines you have.

To end users, this update will be a blessing once released. The use of hardware acceleration for all parts of the video playback will finally make it possible to view full HD video on site like Youtube without the computers ventilation fans speeding up like crazy. The hardware acceleration is supposed to work on all machines from two years back and until now, but may well work on older ones also.

Click here to download the Beta player to test your content. Once finished testing, you may want to go here to download and reinstall the debug versions of the Flash Player for your authoring machines.


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