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Flash Player 10.3 for desktop and Android available

Flash Player 10.3 for desktop and Android available

Great announcements from Adobe today: Flash Player 10.3 goes public with Android 3.1 support, the Molehill project get's it's final name and several new features in Flash Player 11 is revealed.

Adobe announced today that Flash Player 10.3 is now available for download. This version does not add major new features, but is rather what we'd call a "maintenance release". The new features are Media measurement, Acoustic echo cancellation, Enhanced privacy protection and some Security enhancements. This new release is also available for Android 3.1 devices even though most phones and tablets are still sold with Android 2.3 so the release should be forward compatible as well. If you are one of the lucky ones with a 3.x system (such as Motorola XOOM), this release should provide nice significant speedup as well.

Flash Player 11 details

Even more interesting than the update are the details regarding the next major version of the player. First of all, the project formerly known by the code name “Molehill” will be called Stage3D from now on and that will also be it's API name. A new public Incubator build was also released on Adobe Labs today. This beta contains brand new features such as the G.711 audio codec for telephony, H.264/AVC software encoder for camera recording,  Cubic Bezier Curves, JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) capabilities, progress events for Sockets, asynchronous bitmap decoding as well as several more security features. Also mentioned is something quite promising called "GC Advice". This will help control the Garbage Collection for high intensity scenarios so you could possible prevent some of those UI lockups that happen as the garbage collector runs it's check for objects that are no longer used.

Thibault also lists some "small" additions as well that certainly are major to some developers / designers such as lifting the limit on bitmap sizes in the Flash Player. Finally!


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