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Flash Player 11 and AIR 3 beta’s out on Labs

Flash Player 11 and AIR 3 beta’s out on Labs

Adobe just gave us a summer present to play with - new runtimes! The Flash Player 11 beta is fully featured, containing all you need to get started. The AIR beta is limited to just the runtime (no SDK) and is provided only to test existing content.

You can grab Flash Player 11 from this page and there you'll also find the playerglobal.swc file that you'll need to make it work with Flash Builder. Among the features you'll find in the beta are several things from the Incubator release that has been on Labs for quite some time, as well as several new features as well.

Simple but solid stuff like DisplayObjectContainer.removeChildren and MovieClip.isPlaying will be great for the novice coder. For the more advanced, there are things like Cubic Bezier curves, software encoding of H.264 for camera video, a new audio codec for telephony services in your apps, asynchronous bitmap decoding that does not lock up the UI, better JPG supportimproved swf compression and a bunch of other features. Check out the full list of new features here or read Thibault Imberts extensive summary.

The fragmentation on Linux (lack of standardized libraries) often makes it hard for Adobe to deliver the Flash-premise of author once, play everywhere. Linux users will be happy to see that Flash Player 11 is full 64 bit and they also finally get Vector Printing something that has been available on other platforms "for ages". Adobe recently got quite a bit of negative comments for discontinuing the development of AIR for Linux desktops, so it's good to see that at least the browser plugin is still a first class citizen.

As mentioned initially, the AIR 3 beta is initially delivered only as a runtime (no SDK) so you can't author content for it. This will be provided at a later time, but if you have a good AIR project going, you'll probably be allowed into the private AIR beta as good beta testers with solid projects are (from what we hear) always welcome.


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Posted by falken on 07/14 at 02:42 PM

In what way is a Flash v11 player with no 3D support (the biggest thing to happen to Flash in years) a ‘first class citizen’ ? See:

Posted by Jens C Brynildsen on 07/14 at 10:35 PM

@falken you are very right. I should have worded that better.

However, you did see the comment that Seb added to that post? I always feel that Linux users approach the “Flash Player” problem as seen from THEIR selected distro. Supporting Linux isn’t the same as supporting Windows or iOS. Every distro comes with it’s own quirks, so “supporting Linux” is exponentially more difficult. Sites like lists more then 600 distros and more than 300 of these seem active to some degree. How many distros do they have to make work before they can claim “Linux support”?

Posts like the ones Mike Melanson write in his blog (like this one really spells this out. I am sure Adobe would love to have Molehill work on every single distro, but they have to rely on some common API that is solid. They just can’t build this from scratch for such a fragmented platform?

Posted by falken on 07/16 at 05:15 PM

It’s not so much company X wont support their product on a particular platform.

It’s that they used to (AIR) but dropped it with 0 days notice. This could happen to your platform tomorrow too. It could happen to Flash on Linux entirely next week.

Posted by graphic-design-software on 09/24 at 11:24 PM

I used the new flash player with Fatpaint ( ), an online graphic design application and image editor, and it runs so much more smoother. Great work Adobe!

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