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November 14th 2000 | Jens C Brynildsen



Flash Player Update

The first release of the Flash 5 player was plagued with bugs. Now the new fixed player is available for download.

The many bugs in the first version (5,0,30,0) can severely affect the playback performance of your Flash movies. If you are using Flash 5 on your site, make sure you detect which version of the player is in use, and prompt people with version 5,0,30,0 to download the bug-free player 5,0,42,0 or higher. The version number is always available in Flash 5 as the variable '$version'.

Our first tests show that the new version has much better performance than the previous version, so that is another good reason to ask visitors to update their Flash player.

Macromedia has implemented a new policy concerning releasing new player versions , and should be able to prevent the problems with the first versions of Flash 5 and the delay of fixes from happening again...
Read more about the known bugs


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