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FlashSwitcher X

FlashSwitcher X

Are you using a Mac and toggle between the officially released Flash Player 9 Debugger version and the new Flash Player 10 beta? FlashSwitcher X is a neat utility that you should check out.

Having used the Flash Switcher extension for Firefox with some varying luck on OSX, there's now an alternative called FlashSwitcher X by Matthew Wallace. It's just a simple AppleScript that handles all the deleting and copying of files for you, but it's a clever way to do it. All that is needed to switch plugins is to copy the "Flash Player.plugin" and "flashplayer.xpt" into the "Internet Plug-Ins" folder and the Applescript does this easily.

Matthew provides a simple download with instructions on setting this up. The download also includes a readme file which is convenient since you'll have to close the browser as part of the manual install procedure. This is version 0.1 of the tool and it's still "in beta", so you may need to adjust the scripts a bit yourself. You'll also need to download the Flash Player uninstaller script from this URL. The download includes the first version of the Flash Player 10 Beta and you may want to change this to be the most recent version that was released on Adobe Labs this week.

Click here to read more/download or click here to see a video demo of the tool in use.


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