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Flex 2 released

June 28th 2006 | Jens C Brynildsen



Flex 2 released

Today is a big day - Flex 2 is officially released. This is the first release of Flash tools from the new Adobe, but it also marks another first - it's the first Flash tool made for a broad audience of developers. As with other releases, we review the new program, and we also discuss why Adobe had to make Flex 2.

Today, the complete line of Flex 2 software was released. This completes the lineup of Flash tools with a free compiler, a powerful application building tool and advanced data services. Adobe was starting to feel the pressure from third party editors and both AJAX and Vista. Todays offering will again make SWF the desired solution for building Rich Internet Applications.

Flex consists of four major pieces of software:
- Flex SDK and Framework (free)
- Flex Builder ($499)
- Flex Data Services (free / $20.000)
- Flash Player 9 (free)

For now, Flex 2 is only available on the Windows platform, but a Mac version is in the works. A Linux version is on the radar but is not announced. For a more complete overview, read our Flex 2 Overview, our review of Flex 2 Builder (in a couple days) and our thinking about why Adobe had to make a tool/framework such as Flex. In addition to todays announcement, a line of extra productivity tools were also released: the Flash-AJAX bridge, the Flex 2 Charting components and the RSS classes.

Visit the official Flex pages at Adobe


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