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Flex price change

November 12th 2007 | Jens C Brynildsen



Flex price change

Some weeks ago, Adobe announced a price change for Flex Bulider. As of friday, the basic version is now only $249 for US customers.

If you want Charting as well, you need to pay $699. This time Adobe really got the pricing right. The premium for living in Europe is just $25 this time. There's still a bug in the Australian Adobe Shop, so if you buy from there, the download is A$ 759 ( US$ 749 ) and the box version is A$ 345 ( US$ 340 ). If you're in Australia, it may be wise to wait a little. Note that buying now, will not make you eligible for a free upgrade to Flex 3. That will come as well and it is usually in effect if you buy the software 2-3 months before the new product arrives.

Since the release of Flex 1 back in March 2004, Flex has come a long way. The first releases required a server-side compiler and cost about US$15000 per CPU. As the price of Flex has lowered, the amount of features has increased. We are pretty sure this was a wise move from Adobe. Formerly they had less than 500 enterprise users and considered this a success. Now they have millions of Flex developers and the market just can't get enough of them.
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