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Flex SDK 3.1 and Flex Builder 3.0.1 update

Flex SDK 3.1 and Flex Builder 3.0.1 update

This update was released a couple days ago, but we have not seen it mentioned. The Flex SDK and Flex Builder was just updated to support AIR 1.1, Flash Player 10 as well as numerous bug fixes. This update is probably worth downloading and installing for all Flex users.

Every product ships with bugs, that's kind of a rule for any kind of software development. If somebody says their product is without bugs, it's probably a very simple product or the company does not offer a public bug base as Adobe does for both the SDK and Builder. This update fixes 27 issues found in the Flex bugbase and 44 issues in the Flex SDK bugbase. It also offers "introductory support for Flash Player 10", meaning that you can now use Flex Builder for your Flash Player 10 experiments (FDT and FlashDevelop also has this already).

Click here for an introductory article by Matt Chotin or download Flex 3.1 SDK or Flex Builder 3.0.1.


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