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FOTB ticket sales end tonight

FOTB ticket sales end tonight

Midnight tonight the ticket sales for this years premier Flash event will close. If you have not secured your ticket yet, make sure you grab one now! As usual, Flashmagazine will cover the event and Adobe officials have promised sneaks of upcoming Flash Player features so this is one not to miss.

As it clearly shows from our former coverage (FOTB09FOTB08, FOTB07 and FOTB06) we have a solid favorite when it comes to Flash conferences. Flash on The Beach is simply the best conference to attend if you're a Flash professional, designer, programmer, marketeer or in related business. As opposed to other conferences, the speakers are hand picked by conference organizer John Davey and the themes covered are a perfect mix of creative and technical.

This is also one of the conferences that Adobe are targeting for sneaking new features and Thibault Imbert (Product Manager for the Flash Player) recently teased that the Keynote session is one not to miss:

I will be presenting the keynote with my Adobe buddies, Richard GalvanAndrew Shorten and Doug Winnie. Each one of us will be showing you what we have been working on lately. Actually this will be the first time we cover so many stuff in this type of keynote.

This year, Flashmagazine will cover the event will all our resident writers (Jens, John and David) so if you're unable to attend, follow us to stay up to date on what's happening.


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