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Full Screen Flash video made simple

Full Screen Flash video made simple

Ever wanted to increase the size of a Flash Video? Now you can. Adobe recently published an update to the Flash 9 player that allows the publisher to trigger Full Screen video playback using Actionscript.

In the future you don't need to make that extra page just to display a video at a larger size. From version 9,0,18,60 of the Flash Player, you can trigger Full Screen playback at the click of a button. All that is required is a new property in the Object/Embed tags and a few lines of code and the video can switch modes. To try this yourself, you have to download the ZIP archive linked in the Labs article and extract it's contents to certain folders.

We've tried making a sample file from the AS3 examples on Adobe Labs, but they don't work out of the box. The AS3 example looks like someone with AS2 background coded it as functions are decleared the wrong way and they don't have a return type. If you paste the AS3 sample into Flex inside a mx:Script tag, you'll get no less than 23 errors. Some of these are fixed easily, but others cannot be fixed. Let's hope this is adressed quickly (a working example can be found here). For now, the Flash 8 AS3 Preview version seems like the way to test this. Check these great samples at the MX Traveller blog.

Another intersting thing is that in a related post about this announcement, Emmy Huang, Product Manager for Flash Player at Adobe, keeps teasing about the upcoming beta release of the Flash 9 Linux Player: "QE has not skipped a beat and is starting the beta certification of the Linux player which will go live on Adobe Labs when it passes the certification tests. You'll have to estimate when you think that will be on your own. ;-)". So let's guess? How about next Monday if all tests go well?

Read the more about FullScreen Flash at Adobe Labs


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