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Get ready for a ride in a mine far, far Away

Get ready for a ride in a mine far, far Away

Just in time for Flash On The Beach, the Away3D team release yet another kick ass demo - The Railway Express, showcasing the 3D engine's latest features and capabilities such as bones support, simple shadows, object based renderers, path tools and more.

In a demo that is only 780Kb in size, you're taken on a neat rollercoaster ride in an old mine-cart. Andre Michelle and Joa Ebert helped with the sound and on a fast computer this looks awesome! The various locations in the demo are named after the Away3D core team and the demo was put together by Fabrice Closier.

The ride showcasing the new features of this Away3D release:

  • Collada bones support and improved features
  • Triangle caching
  • Bounding box and bounding sphere calculations
  • PathExtrude, PathAnimator and PathDuplicator
  • Simple shadows
  • Object based renderers
  • Obj Exporter
  • ElevationModifier
  • Elevation2AS3

You'll find more details about each of the features in the Away3D forum at Google Groups. Go over to the Away3D website and see the demo and play with the new release. If you want to get started with Away3D, check out our Tutorials section to get started. Away3D really has some traction now and work has started on the next major version of the engine (3.0). If you're going to Brighton, make sure you check Rob Bateman's session on Away3D as well.

Away3D isn't the only 3D engine represented at FOTB. Today, there's a (long sold out) workshop with Ralph Hauwert on Papervision3D and tomorrow, Carlos Ulloa will talk about how to overcome the creative and technical challenges when creating interactive experiences in Papervision3D and Seb Lee-Delisle will present Papervision Simplified. Papervision is also mowing rapidly forward with their next release, so now there's some real competition in the Flash 3D space.



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