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Interview: Kevin Suttle from Litl

Interview: Kevin Suttle from Litl

The Litl is a quite unique computer in that is has no harddrive and all the applications are Flash driven and stored in 'the cloud'. At Flash on The Beach, we caught up with Kevin Suttle from Litl to check out this neat little Flash driven device and hear about the future plans from Litl.

In this interview, you'll get to see how the device works and hear about the future plans from Litl.

Flashmagazine interviews Kevin Suttle from Litl from Flashmagazine on Vimeo.

As mentioned in the interview, the devices from Litl are all Flash driven. To read more about how to develop for the device, visit the Developer page on

To get a sneak peek of what Litl will be showing at the upcoming Adobe MAX conference, check out this video showcasing the new box from Litl playing back the latest Away3D demo (supported by Influxis). You can also play the BattleCell demo for yourself at this url.


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Posted by Lennart Rikk on 10/14 at 11:23 AM

Flash driven hardware sounds cool, but imo without a touchscreen it will never succeed.

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