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Lynda sells FlashForward to Beau Ambur

Lynda sells FlashForward to Beau Ambur

The longest running Flash conference gets a new owner. Lynda Weinman passes control over both the FlashForward conference and the Flash Film Festival to Beau Ambur of Metaliq and Keith Peters wonders what may be in store?

Flashmagazine have followed the FlashForward conference ever since the first event back in San Fransisco in 2000 and this sure is an exciting announcement! In an email to all former attendees, Lynda Weinman reveals the change of hands (Click image to read). The Metaliq founder is just back from Mix08 where he presented a Silverlight project they just did for Microsoft. We just wrote about the deep pockets in Redmond, but could this maybe spell change for this classic conference? Keith Peters also wonders about this and we can't help but wonder ourselves when we see sessions like this. That said, Metaliq is still strong on Flash skills.


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