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Microsoft to aquire Macromedia?

December 24th 2002 | Jens C Brynildsen



Microsoft to aquire Macromedia?

Industry pundits believe the company is ripe for a hostile takeover by Redmond giant, Microsoft. Any such move would be aimed at reducing the uptake of J2EE and would almost undoubtedly see the end of platform-agnostic development tools.

According to The Register, "Industry and analyst sources believe Microsoft covets San Francisco, California-based Macromedia's Flash vector graphics design tool and player, which was radically updated this year."

The article suggests that Microsoft could take over Macromedia to prevent further Java integration in the Flash Player. Flashmagazine strongly doubt this would be possible as multi-platform support has always been one of Macromedias strengths and J2EE is the foundation for Macromedia technologies such as ColdFusion and JRun. Still, the income figures have been failing Macromedia lately and that reflects in its stock value, so a hostile takeover is definetly technically possible. Microsoft does however not have a good history for handling creative software (like Flash) and our guess is that even though this is possible, it will not happen.
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