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NCode server-side video encoder

NCode server-side video encoder

Want your users to upload any video and convert it to Flash video? NCode is a free, Open Source tool that converts from almost anything to all the three Flash video codecs.

So you want to build the new YouTube? All you need is a way to convert Quicktime, Windows Media, Real Video, MPG and whatever people may have into Flash video, right? It may sound easy but there are only a few solutions to how to do this and they require a lot of money. NCode is a solution that could prove useful for prototyping this kind of sites and maybe also some production sites as well?

Utilizing PHP and FFMPEG, the NCode software will take almost any video file as an input (3GP, MPEG1, MOV, MPEG2: PAL & NTSC, WMV 7&8, DV PAL & NTSC, MP4 and AVI) and convert it to H263, H264 (MPEG4) or VP6. All this at the price of nothing, sounds good does it not? There is a hitch - the reliance on FFMPEG. It's a brilliant tool, but you should be aware that it potentially breaks patents that may be enforced in your country. If that does not bother you, or you are making a non-commercial application, this could prove very useful.

The company behind the solution, Editopia, also makes a nice FLV player called CinePlay. Worth checking out.

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