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Open bug-base for the Flash Player

Open bug-base for the Flash Player

Flex 3 and Blaze both have public systems listing known bugs. Today, the Flash Player itself also got a bugbase so now YOU can vote on the bugs to fix first. The system also works as a wishlist, so this is the right place to add your feature requests as well.

Senior Product Manager for the Flash Player, Justin Everett-Church, told the news today. Not only will the bugs be public, but the community will get to vote for what should be fixed first. A public bug-base also makes it much easier to see if you have a unique problem or if others have discovered the bug as well as workarounds already.

This should be great news for André Michelle's Make Some Noise campaign as well as Grant Skinners unloadmovie appeal. Now people can contribute to the campaigns by registering and voting for the bugs - a much better system than just adding supportive comments on a blog post.


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