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Ribbit $100.000 killer app challenge

November 27th 2008 | Jens C Brynildsen



Ribbit $100.000 killer app challenge

We've formerly written about other Flash to Phone solutions, but Ribbit was actually doing this long before the others. To get more mindshare with developers, they've now put on a competition with a total of $100k in prizes. The Grand Price is a massive $30.000 so if you have the time and an idea of how to use telephony in your app, check this out.

Ribbit offers an API that you can use with Flash and Flex to easily integrate voice in your applications. On the Ribbit Developer website, they now feature a video of Adobe MAX attendee Joe Reinhart that added voice calling in just minutes and thoroughly impressed his boss by doing so. The Ribbit API offers ways to make and receive calls, record, send and receive voice messages, as well as add and organize contacts to your applications. They also have a "sandbox" where you can play with the API and make real calls while prototyping.

The competition is divided into several "checkpoints", followed by a grad finale in March 2009. There's prizes for each checkpointand at the finale, a winner will be selected for each of 5 categories (Media, Advertising & Entertainment, Social Networking & Communication, Business & Productivity, Carrier, Network, or ISP Integration and Wildcard) as well as a grand prize winner.

The competition is put on in cooperation with TopCoder, so you'll need to register with them to take part. One important thing to know - this competation is open to everyone, not just US programmers as in other competition. Adobe evangelist Lee Brimelow will be in the jury together with representatives from British Telecom, Ribbit, and other industry experts.


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