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SlideRocket goes into Public Beta phase

September 19th 2008 | Jens C Brynildsen



SlideRocket goes into Public Beta phase

SlideRocket is a Flex RIA you may have seen or heard about when attending Adobe presentations. It's a fully featured presentation tool that is delivered either online or as an AIR application. It's one of the first really professional grade consumer applications made with Flex/AIR and it's loaded with cool and innovative features. It's been demoed many times, but today is the first time ordinary users test the application themselves.

The closed beta was in fact so popular that 2/3rds of the applications had to be turned down. Today, the company started their public beta and it's so popular that we got this message when signing up: "Due to an unprecedented demand we are experiencing a 15-20 minute delay in provisioning accounts. Thanks for your patience."

Among those that have tested the app, Robert Scoble had this to say about it: "At one point in his presentation he really got my attention when he put a table on his presentation, just like Microsoft Powerpoint lets you do, but then hooked it up to live data from a Google Spreadsheet and the table filled in with live data... He did the same thing with data from Salesforce. Oh, my. He had me eating out of his hand at that point".

At this point we wonder - wouldn't this product fit in well with BuzzWord, Photoshop Express and Premiere Express?

Read more about SlideRocket, check out the feature demos and sign up for the Public Beta



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