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What’s up @ Meta?

Not really a typical Flashmagazine story, but we are curious about this...

Half a year ago Metacreations posted a 'mystery' letter on their website announcing a change in the way they do business. The letter was mostly confusing and said very little other than that Meta would place their bets on 3D and the web.

We heard from reliable sources that Meta was to sell out all their great applications to others, except for Canoma and Carrara, their newest 3D programs. They have also removed all european operations, leaving all their european dealers and customers in a state of total confusion. Emails from this part of the world have been ignored, and no one in Meta's US organisation wanted to tell us what is going on. So what?

Well, as Adobe now have aquired Canoma, it can seem like half of Meta's future has been sold to Adobe. The question we are left with is; What has happened to the company that gave us all these beautiful creation tools like Painter, KPT, Bryce, Poser and Vector Effects?
Meta's mystery letter


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