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Generator / Flash web development

May 30th 2001 | John Dalziel

TITLE: Generator / Flash web development - Workflow process from planning to production PUBLISHER: New Riders ISBN: 0-7357-1080-5 PAGES: 224 b/w CD: Yes AUTHORS: Richard Alvarez, Jason Taylor, Matthew Groch Get it now from

Flash Site Workshop

May 25th 2001 | John Dalziel

TITLE: Flash Site Workshop PUBLISHER: Sams ISBN: 0-672-31999-3 PAGES: 384 colour CD: Yes AUTHORS: Ken Milburn, Craig Swann, Lynn Baus, Lon Coley, Cyndy Cashman Get it now from

Expression 2 by Creature House

May 18th 2001 | Arena Reed

Expression 2 is a unique vector-based drawing application that allows you to create images with complex brush strokes, called Skeletal Strokes.

Flash Web Design - The art of motion graphics (The v5 remix)

May 12th 2001 | John Dalziel

The original version of 'Flash Web Design - The art of motion graphics' came out in March of last year. This latest release is essentially the same book but with updated Flash 5 actionscript and screen captures, courtesy of Brendan Dawes. If you already have the original then there's really not much here to justify shelling out again. If on the other hand you missed this one last time round then you may want to read on.

Corel Rave 1.0 - a new contestant?

April 30th 2001 | Jens C Brynildsen

So Corel's gotten a SWF-program too? How good can that be? Well, it's actually not so bad. We've been playing a bit with Rave 1.0 from Corel, and it's a rather good animation program.

Flash 5 Magic with Actionscript

March 08th 2001 | John Dalziel

Flash 5 Magic comes with quite a pedigree. The editors, J Scott Hamlin and David J Emberton have authored some of the best of the Flash 4 books including this books predecessor Flash 4 Magic. They are joined this time by four other contributors, Mathew David, Jennifer S Hall, John Lenker and Samuel Wan.

Flash ActionScript f/x & Design

February 14th 2001 | Jarle Dahl Bergersen

Author: Bill Sanders Publisher: Coriolis ISBN: 1-57610-821-X Pages: 303 b/w Buy it now from

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