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New Masters of Flash

January 17th 2001 | John Dalziel

New Masters of Flash is the flagship release from the book world's new kids on the block, 'Friends of Ed'. In the relatively short period of time they have been around they have done much to endear themselves to the hardcore Flash community. From sponsoring much of the New Media Underground Festival to actively promoting 'design-friendly' sites such as

Amorphium Pro

January 05th 2001 | Jens C Brynildsen

3D in Flash has been around for a few years now and we're recently seeing the second generation of dedicated SWF renderers arrive on the shelves. John Dalziel takes Electric Image's, Amorphium Pro out for a spin (and a swoosh, and a flyby).

Flash 4 Magic

June 29th 2000 | Jens C Brynildsen

Flash 4 Magic is the first book to really explain ActionScripting, the simple, but effective way to program in Flash. ActionScipting is not really a programming language, but it does contain all the basic commands and functions required to do pretty advanced stuff. The book is not a programming book, but it teaches you the basics through examples.

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