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Review: Trillix Flash Decompiler 4

May 21st 2009 | John Dalziel

Back in October 2007 we took a look at the Trillix Flash Decompiler 3. Since then the guys at Eltima have been hard at work on the big new features in version 4. Last week we took a look at decompiler support for Flex projects and Flash Player 9.

Review: Camtasia Studio 6

November 29th 2008 | John Dalziel

The last time we looked at Camtasia Studio it was on version 3.1. So with version 6 just hitting the shelves we thought it was time to take another look at the king of capture software.

Flashmagazine Flash CS4 Review

September 23rd 2008 | David Vogeleer

What's new, what's hot, how does it look like, how will the new features change and improve your workday? Flashmagazine's David Vogeleer takes a close look at the new CS4.

Flash Video for Professionals

September 12th 2008 | Jens C Brynildsen

This is a slightly different book on Flash video. It covers the Flash video basics, creating video players and eye candy, but it also has some interesting extras that could save you money. It is very hands on with few step-by-step guides and has a wide focus that tries to cover both developers and designers. It's mostly for developers though.

Mate: Event driven framework for Flex

June 30th 2008 | Sean Moore

This article will introduce you to the Mate framework for Adobe Flex. "Mate" (pronounced "mah-teh") is a tag based framework used to build Flex applications. Mate helps define the architecture of your application. Two important goals of the Mate framework are: simplicity and non-intrusiveness. Using the Mate framework will help you create a loosely coupled application. There is a companion Mate application along with this article available for download that demonstrates how to call a web service and render the services data to the applications view.

Review: BB FlashBack 2.0

June 13th 2008 | John Dalziel

UK based software developer Blueberry software specialises in creating screen recording and video authoring software. They recently launched version 2.0 of their flagship product BB FlashBack. We haven't looked at video screen capture tools for a little while so we decided to see what BB FlashBack 2.0 has to offer.

Flex Builder 3 Review

April 29th 2008 | Jens C Brynildsen

This is a review that is kind of odd to write. I've been using Flex Builder 3 for such a long time that I'm now having a hard time remembering how Flex Builder 2 was. It's strange how public betas and the new open policy at Adobe changed this. The Flex 3 release offers nothing new in terms of Flash Player features but the new IDE, an expanded SDK and authoring for the AIR runtime is definitely worth the upgrade.

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