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Actionscript 2 tutorials


Flash ActionScript - Objects

May 20th 2004 | Mitch Allen

In the real world there are objects like i.e. an apple. An apple has properties like smell, color, size and position. We use objects in special ways that we can refer to as methods. In…

Skill: Beginner Code: Actionscript 1Actionscript 2

Breadcrumbs: Making the back button work for Flash

May 20th 2004 | Jason Michael Perry

In this edition of breadcrumbs we'll make your Flash application even more usable with the web browser's back button. Basic knowledge of Flash MX is recommended.

Skill: Beginner Code: Actionscript 2

Web Services, it’s about time.

May 20th 2004 | David Vogeleer

You've heard about them, how great they are to use, how they have been a long time coming. But what are they really?

Skill: Beginner Code: Actionscript 2

Building A Flash MP3 player with the Teleo Introductory Module

May 09th 2004 | David Vogeleer

In this article, David Vogeleer shows you how to create a Flash MP3 player with all of the controls being external with the Teleo Intro module and some basic switches.

Skill: Beginner Code: Actionscript 1Actionscript 2

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