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Advanced tutorials


Displaying Large Datasets in an Interactive Table

June 01st 2011 | Travis Cherry

Working with large datasets can be quite cumbersome and somewhat painful if not done properly. You risk incurring the wrath of impatient users and unresponsive servers. On top of that, creating an interactive table in…

Skill: Advanced Code: Actionscript 3 Category: Loading dataPHPRich Internet Applications (RIA)

Using Pixel Bender to calculate information

August 13th 2009 | Elad Elrom

Pixel Bender can be used for calculations of many specific cases. Using Pixel Bender can increase your application's performance as Pixel Bender runs on a faster and separate thread than the Flash Player. In this…

Skill: AdvancedIntermediate Code: Actionscript 3 Category: Pixel Bender