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Games tutorials

Flash based games are huge on the web. Check out Newgrounds or GotoAndPlay to waste some time. This section features tutorials on building games and Flash Games in general.


What About Flash? Can We Really Make Games With It?

March 29th 2005 | Scott Bilas

We've heard this story before: big-game developer gets tired of big-game team size, pressure, and politics, and switches to making small games. New companies filled with people escaping the retail AAA industry, developing these "casual"…

Skill: Beginner Code: Actionscript 2 Category: Games

Flash Game Development - Overcoming Time / Code Execution Problems

July 19th 2001 | Venkatesh Prabhu

Programming in Flash requires not only programming logic, but also a great deal of creativity. The ability to mold, shape, and twist Actionscript to fit your needs is an essential part to game development.

Skill: Beginner Code: Actionscript 1 Category: Games