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Intermediate tutorials


Unit Testing ActionScript 2.0 Using AS2Unit

May 10th 2005 | Steven Webster

In the inaugural article of the Engineering RIAs series, Steven explained that Macromedia has positioned its Flash Technology as the key enabler in the development of Rich Internet Applications (RIAs). With the recent release…

Skill: Intermediate Code: Actionscript 2

Breadcrumbs: Linking to Flash Frames

May 20th 2004 | Jason Michael Perry

In this week's breadcrumbs, you'll learn how to use HTML anchor tags to call ActionScript functions. To complete this tutorial, basic knowledge of Flash MX and ActionScripting is recommended.

Skill: Intermediate Code: Actionscript 1

Working with dynamic anchors

March 30th 2003 | Jens C Brynildsen

Using Flash MX, you can enable the browsers back and forward buttons. Unfortunately, Flash MX cannot create anchors dynamically. There are still ways to build dynamic sites with this feature, but you need to know…

Skill: Intermediate Code: Actionscript 1

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