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PHP tutorials


Displaying Large Datasets in an Interactive Table

June 01st 2011 | Travis Cherry

Working with large datasets can be quite cumbersome and somewhat painful if not done properly. You risk incurring the wrath of impatient users and unresponsive servers. On top of that, creating an interactive table in…

Skill: Advanced Code: Actionscript 3 Category: Loading dataPHPRich Internet Applications (RIA)

An evening with sendAndLoad, PHP and LiveDocs

July 23rd 2005 | Jens C Brynildsen

This evening I once again learned an important lesson. The documentation in Flash MX 2004 is way better than it's predecessor, but the gold is in the comments.

Skill: Beginner Code: Actionscript 2 Category: Loading data.NET and ASPPHP

Flashmagazine backend - How to integrate backend systems into Flash.

April 01st 2001 | Jarle Dahl Bergersen

In this tutorial I will show you how the Flashmagazine news system works and teach you how you can make a simular application for your Flash powered web site.

Skill: Beginner Code: Actionscript 1 Category: Loading dataPHP