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Rich Internet Applications (RIA) tutorials

Adobe coined the term Rich Internet Application or RIA for short. The Flash Player makes it easy to create powerful online applications that are rich on both data and visual capabilities.


Displaying Large Datasets in an Interactive Table

June 01st 2011 | Travis Cherry

Working with large datasets can be quite cumbersome and somewhat painful if not done properly. You risk incurring the wrath of impatient users and unresponsive servers. On top of that, creating an interactive table in…

Skill: Advanced Code: Actionscript 3 Category: Loading dataPHPRich Internet Applications (RIA)

Welcome to ‘Engineering RIAs’

July 20th 2005 | Steven Webster

I'm delighted to be invited by the team at Flash Magazine, upon reviewing my Reality J2EE book last month, to have myself and members of the iteration::two team contribute a regular column to this…

Skill: Intermediate Code: Category: Rich Internet Applications (RIA)

Unit Testing ActionScript 2.0 Using AS2Unit

May 10th 2005 | Steven Webster

In the inaugural article of the Engineering RIAs series, Steven explained that Macromedia has positioned its Flash Technology as the key enabler in the development of Rich Internet Applications (RIAs). With the recent release…

Skill: Intermediate Code: Actionscript 2 Category: Rich Internet Applications (RIA)