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TAC interview - learn to organize a conference from the pro’s

October 12th 2009 | Lionel Low

The Actionscript Conference (TAC) kicked off in the middle of September and was a big success. It is a community based conference and we wanted to learn more about how one goes about to organize a community conference and make sure it's a success. In this interview, TAC's Lionel Low interviews conference organizer Hu Shunjie who explains The BIG 5's of putting on an event like this.

Flash on the beach 2009 - Day 3

September 23rd 2009 | John Dalziel

Even after two days of sessions and parties there was still an impressive turnout for the 9am sessions on day 3 at Flash on the beach. The day was filled with great sessions, but "the bomb" was certainly Ralph Hauwert announcing that he has quit the Papervision3D team to pursue personal goals. This means that PapervisionX is up in the air, but not entirely.

Flash on the beach 2009 - Day 2

September 22nd 2009 | Jens C Brynildsen

Despite the official party at Audio and the usual follow up at The Old Ship Hotel, the Brighton Dome was almost full for the first session of Day 2. A brand new session type in the form of 3 minute elevator pitches proved really successful and Joa Ebert had everyone cheering at the Actionscript optimization tools he built while being sick.

Flash on the beach 2009 - Day 1

September 22nd 2009 | John Dalziel

There's something very special about Flash On the Beach and Brighton. For more than a month I've seen tweets from people that say that they're counting the days and looking forward to being in Brighton again. This years conference was kicked off Mariachi-style and the Adobe keynote was really worth catching. The annual pilgrimage of the Flash Community had started!

Autumn Conference Roundup 2009

September 10th 2009 | Jens C Brynildsen

Autumn is conference season and a great time to go pick up some inspiration. With the days getting colder, shorter and darker, how about a trip to Singapore, Brighton, Cairo, Wellington, Bangkok or Los Angeles?

Will Flash On The Beach sell out again?

July 20th 2009 | Jens C Brynildsen

With only four days to go for the Early Bird pricing and the workshops sold out, it looks like Flash On The Beach (FOTB) may sell out once again. If you want to attend the best Flash conference there is, make sure you talk to your boss now to get tickets before it's too late!