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Flash on the Beach 2010 - Day 3

September 29th 2010 | John Dalziel

The last day of this years Flash On The Beach kicked off with the 6 of the Best session where some of the speakers were given an extra 10 minute slot to present something. The day ended with a surprise from FOTB organizer John Davey when he announced the Geeky by Nature conference in New York.

Famous for 3 Minutes

September 29th 2010 | John Dalziel

Last year John Davey introduced a new session to Flash On The Beach. The Elevator Pitch is a crazy fast mix of public speaking and speed-dating. Twenty speakers get three minutes each to present on any subject they like. No breaks, no filler, just quick-fire straight to the point presentations.

Flash on the Beach 2010 - Day 2

September 28th 2010 | David Vogeleer

Not to take it all out before the last night, many parties ended early on the second day of FOTB. Last year saw the premiere of the Elevator Sessions and most attendees were keen on getting there in time as this is a brilliant chance to see some of the best people in our business presenting their pet projects.

Flash on the Beach 2010 - Day 1

September 27th 2010 | Jens C Brynildsen

It's that time of the year again where the European Flash community migrate in droves to the cold southern coast of England. As usual, the attendees of the FOTB conference got a humorous treat at the opening ceremony - with a Flash-Boyband-act featuring Steve Jobs! After that Adobe followed up with sneaks for Flash Player 11, Flash Professional, Flash Builder and Flash Catalyst.

Starting up as Freelance Flash Designer

August 10th 2010 | Simos Kitiris

Freelance recruitment site PeoplePerHour offers some hints and tips on how to improve your chances in the freelance Flash design market.

Multi-Mania 2010 (2M10)

May 26th 2010 | marc.thiele

On May 10th and 11th, Multi-Mania in Kortrijk, Belgium opened it's doors for the 10th time. From it's start as "MultiMediaMadness", the event has grown from an awards show to a solid conference. Koen De Weggheleire is known to many as a speaker at international Flash conferences, but he is also the organizer of Multi-Mania, one of Europe's largest free Flash events.