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FlashInTheCan report

FlashInTheCan report

I have just returned from Flash in the CAN, a three day Canadian flash festival in Toronto where flash speakers gather to cover predominantly Flash-related issues such as how to sell to your services clients, how to create games in flash, and everything between.

Glyn Thomas presenting 3D at FlashInTheCan03 Toronto, Ontario CANADA -
The venue this year was the Guvernment nightclub-a large venue with multiple rooms decorated in ultra-chic furnishings and fixtures. Each room was laid out well with ample seating and a clear view of the speaker and the screens. The surroundings seemed to bode well for both the presenters and the attendees allowing creative juices to flow in a relaxed futuristic environment.

The presenters were insightful. The topics were varied and covered both the basics and more advanced flash issues. One must mention that there were a few no shows apparently due to the 'SARS' scare.

Overall, the festival was wonderful. The buzz around the festival was mostly on Cold fusion and MX Communication server. I actually met with a few of the attendees who were gracious enough to show me the applications (e-commerce and otherwise) that could be built with this technology. One of whom, Masir, showed me an application he created for a video rental store which: scanned videos into the system, tracked user accounts and users, tabulated fine details, and listed movies so that vendors could suggest new video rental choices. It was exciting to see the technology in use and the implications for both seem to be endless and will really bring Flash to the forefront as more than just a technology to create 'cool' websites.

This festival was very people friendly. Programmers, designers and entrepreneurs conversed over the capabilities of Flash MX and exchanged business cards. I met a few good programmers myself and I am sure that there will be collaborations in the future. Which is the point of such a festival after all. Bringing people together to learn about Flash techniques, to share ideas, and to hopefully go out and use their combined ideas to create great work and collaborations.

Reporting from Flash in the CAN by Michael Sorrenti - Michael is the Canadian correspondent for FlashMagazine.
View images from the event (by Dave Yang)

About Mike Sorrenti

Michael Sorrenti is the President of Game Pill Inc. and writes for Flash Magazine on a variety of topics close to his heart. He can be reached at with any questions or comments. Game Pill Inc. is an interactive studio that specializes in online game development and interactive marketing. Based out of Canada, Game Pill is a small boutique studio of animators, programmers and art directors.  Game Pill Inc. has entertained audiences in many mediums including touch screen kiosk development, online experiences and most notably online games and e-learning.  Game Pill has mainly worked bringing the properties of Fortune 500 companies to life and currently in the process of creating their own properties for licensing.  Game Pill Inc. has worked on projects for: Wrigley’s, Cott, Disney, CORUS, Astral Media, Mazda, and many others.

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