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Starting up as Freelance Flash Designer

Starting up as Freelance Flash Designer

Freelance recruitment site PeoplePerHour offers some hints and tips on how to improve your chances in the freelance Flash design market.

Portfolios and previous jobs are invaluable when choosing a freelance Flash designer, so yours has to be top notch and well presented. If you're just starting out, then include personal and pet projects - if the portfolio is attractive then you are half way to securing the deal. The old adage that "people buy what they see" is particularly applicable to flash design.

As a freelancer, you should always have an up-to-date body of work. This helps in pitching to clients; you can chase the work instead of waiting for the work to come to you. Try and find your Flash design niche - something that you can use as your unique selling point (USP). It may be an industry sector, a specific style or a specific form of creative.

One easy way to exploit this is to have a decent website showcasing your skills. However don't forget the basics - make sure it's easy to navigate, employs accurate grammar and is spell checked.

It has been said that the web runs on Flash and website creators must therefore ensure that all Flash components on a site are the best available. By having professional and up-to-date Flash designs with a current look and feel, website owners can lend credibility to their pages.

When designing Flash content, freelance Flash designers need to stay current with programming skills. Stay up to date with the many free guides already on the internet as this should prevent your portfolio of skills from becoming stale. Don't forget to test your latest Flash creations on slower CPU's: not everyone has the latest greatest video processing monster!

Always make sure your Flash animation runs on the kind of equipment that you think the majority of your audience will have. Demonstrate to your clients that you're always thinking of the consumer by watching and documenting the download times of your animations. By optimising your images, you will create happier site visitors - and happier clients.

On that note, do make sure your concept and creations haven't ignored usability and try to make any interactions as intuitive as possible.

In addition to being a great freelance Flash designer, you need to be an even better networker. Get to know other designers and start to build relationships with other service providers and potential clients. Try to get your Flash designs out to as many people as you can, you never know where the next commission will come from.

When deciding whether to accept work as a freelance Flash designer - remember that it's best to work either for full price or for free. Working at a sub-prime rate leads to resentment and unmet expectations. It also sets an unwanted precedent for future commissions. By working for free, you can control client expectations and they are likely to be grateful for any work they can get from you. More importantly, if you have chosen the client well, they are likely to hire you in the future - for the full asking price.

Taking all of this into account, together with a bit of luck and a lot of hard work should make for a healthy income in the longer term. For more ideas and tips on how to become a freelance designer visit People Per Hour where you can start on your new career as a freelancer.

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Posted by iflashlord on 08/12 at 12:40 PM

thanks , very good…

Posted by Web Design leeds on 08/20 at 03:42 PM

Great advice for all budding freelancers - many thanks for posting

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