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ActionScript 3.0 Client Library for Facebook by Adobe

ActionScript 3.0 Client Library for Facebook by Adobe

Did you ever make a Facebook application? There's quite a few Facebook APIs for Flash and Flex out there, but none has offered the full API until now. Today Adobe announced a deal with Facebook where they'll maintain a fully featured API based on pbking's AS3 library.

The Facebook API has been around for quite some time, but the REST based API wasn't all that easy to use it directly from AS3. To aid the development, several developers created AS3 wrapper libraries for the API. The core problem with these was that being Open Source and maintained as a hobby, none of them were very complete.

To solve this, Adobe have now created an officially supported API, based on the popular PBKing lib by Jason Crist. The new lib has added support for 60 additional Facebook API features and there's now an official partnership between Adobe an Facebook on this, ensuring the further development of the library. The project is still Open Source and it's hosted on google Code. Adobe has also started a new section on DevNet focused on the Facebook API. (Interesting trend. Will we now get subsections on Devnet for anything else as well?)

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Posted by sprout on 03/31 at 08:33 PM

Big news for flash devs who want to speak directly to the fb platform.  sprout has been part for the beta and already built an application that does just this.  Pull in photos of your friends, profile photos, post directly to wall, newsfeed, etc.  check out the demo video:

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