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Adobe AIR 2.7 available

Adobe AIR 2.7 available

Things are really happening with AIR these days and Adobe are iterating fast. Very fast. Just months after the release of AIR 2.6 comes a new version that is so much faster that it could almost warrant a non-dot release.

AIR itself has been around since 2007 but it's only recently it's been made the key software in Adobe's mobile business. Earlier versions could only target the desktop, but AIR 2.5 added several mobile platform targets for Flash developers such as Android, iOS and WebTV's. A bunch of basic features such as multitouch, camera roll access, accelerometer and more was in this first release targeting mobiles. Back in April, the 2.6 update came with an updated packager, much faster, more device features and added support for the BlackBerry Playbook. Flex 4.5 added a much improved workflow and the new Hero SDK that is geared towards devices.

Yesterdays release of AIR 2.7 offers the most important feature of all - speed! Not only is this release faster than the previous. It's MUCH faster on iOS devices and Adobe says they're working hard to get as close to "native" speeds as possible. There's also several other important features, so check out this detailed post by the Player team. Our favorite device feature is probably the enabling the moving of apps to the SD card for Android devices.

We're really impressed by Adobe's comeback in the mobile space. Given that it's less than a year since AIR 2.5 was released, they are really getting their story together now. If you have not already seen what kind of advances have been made in AIR, check out the video below.

Below you can see Renaun Erickson from Adobe introduce AIR 2.7 and demo the speed increase from AIR 2.6 to 2.7. Would have been fun to see the same test with AIR 2.5 though?


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