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Adobe AIR Marketplace updated

Adobe AIR Marketplace updated

Yesterday Adobe launched an improved version of the Adobe AIR Marketplace. The site makes it easy for users to find AIR applications and developers to expose their software, so if you have an AIR application - make sure you get it listed.

The Adobe AIR Marketplace is still in Beta and a lot of feedback from the first version has been incorporated into the new design. Product Manager for the Marketplace, Shikha Bhargava has an article out on DevNet that explains a little about the changes. The site makes it much easier to find good examples of AIR applications, but are people really interested in browsing applications based on a technology? Isn't community sites such as providing more value by reviewing the apps?

The site looks good and it's easy to navigate, but it is kind of sluggish with pages that take 8-10 seconds to load according to YSlow. This could be due to some random slowdowns on our 10Mbit connection, but we've now tested this on multiple connections with the same result. We also found a bug when we first accessed the site. Clicking the left and right arrows on the "Staff Picks" tab made the thumbnails move up/down rather than left/right showing nothing but white space. We also second David Deraedt's thoughts that more application images and richer text formatting would have helped "selling" the applications. Apple's App Store would be a good example. Speaking of Apple - some editorial control for the Marketplace would probably be wise as well. We doubt that Apple will applaud the application called FotoBooth that is more or less a clone of Apple's own PhotoBooth. Maybe a name change would be good?

Another thing is that this is the first time we've noticed the AIR Marketplace even though it's been around for some time and others feel the same. We follow Adobe and the Flash Platform technology fairly close and it's a little odd to stumble upon this after it's been out for more than a year. If Flash/Flex/AIR developers never heard of this, is it then likely that software users/buyers do?


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