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Adobe Apollo details revealed

June 15th 2006 | Jens C Brynildsen



Adobe Apollo details revealed

Many feared that Adobe would combine the Flash Player with Adobe Acrobat Viewer as a result of the merger. Adobe is actually planning to combine the two products, but not in the form of a new Flash Player. Apollo is something bigger than that.

The Flash Player allows us to develop true crossplatform applications, games and animaton for the web without changing our code. Adobe Apollo is not a new Flash Player - it's a programing framework. It offers more than the Flash Player alone. It promises the same unified programming platform for OS native applications on Windows, OSX and Linux. Just imagine writing a program and instantly publish it to all these three platforms - that's the promise of Apollo. It will be based on the Flash Player and Actionscript but it will also support PDF and HTML natively. It is sort of an advanced Flash Player for the Desktop, but it will also offer OS interaction in some form as can be achieved today using third party Projector Tools. Apollo 1.0 is slated to be available the first half of 2007.

A couple days ago, Ryan Stewart posted a few images of Beta applications running on Apollo. Today, Adobe Consulting follows up with more details and answers to questions asked by users.

Read the details about Apollo here


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